The Peachette

What is the Peachette?  A better question is WHO is the Peachette.  Well, that would be my very own KF!  Shortly after I started the Darien Peach, my loveable first born asked if she could have her own blog.  The answer was a swift, "no"---followed by a light bulb above my head and an idea to give her a dedicated page on my blog.  Here you will find the rants and raves of an adorable 8 1/2 year old.  Enjoy!

Hi today I had a play date with Mae  and we made glowing crystals and here they are!

 Tomorrow, they will be complete! I will post more pics then.

The Peachette

Hi its  morning and here are the crystals!

the bumps on the bottom are the crystals!

I'm also going to show you my Irish Dance.  I do it at the PENDER KEADY Academy.

Today at school we are getting our poetry license. It's permission to use no punctuation and that we don't have to go to the end of the piece of paper!

The Peachette ;)     

Hey y'all!  A few people at my school asked if I could write more posts and I said, ' I'll try!'
So i'm posting one right now!!!!!!!!!  On Saturday, we went to the Hindly Happening !!!!! I got cotton candy and   almost won the frog bog! I was so close to wining !!!!! Today I went to Barnes and Noble and got a wand fromt eh Harry Potter movie!  Its not Harry Potter's wand, it's Hermine Granger's wand here is a pic!

 This is me at my Grandmum's house when Whiskers and I were both little.

 The Peachette

HI again! i learned the whole sign language last night!
it is soooooooo cool!
here is the book i have:

By: Lora Heller

I really think this book it is great! it shows the person signing and then then under it, it says how to do it! And again this is a really good book! You can find it at the Darien libery

hello! its me again! i wanted to rec amend some  after school clubs! first there is a really cool  one called ZUMBA.  its really fun you dance and use hullahoops! Hi everyone!Everyone in Mrs. Zezima's class make a poster that says: Thank you for a wonderful year we will miss you!
 Have a playdate  with me and we will work on it! And if anyone wants to know were i do Irish step Dance i do it at Pender Keady  Academy.

I might get Chinchillas two girls and i nedd to know some names! i can't find the perfect one ! so please help me here are a pic of them in there cage!
 sorry but the pic on the internet is sideways so i can only leave it like that !they are grey so if you have any great names please put them in the comments! 

  me and my mom and bros are trying to play all are games in the basement before school starts ! witch one of us are you voting for? me tor my Bros?