Sunday, August 24, 2014

For the Boys

Back to school, means back to birthday parties.  Right?  Ours days of a gift closet stocked with 10 identical gifts, is long gone.  And the quick bolt into learning express seems to be hitting the dust too.  Now more than ever, my three kids are eager to be involved in buying the gift and they really want something individual.

In most cases, Toys"R"Us has been traded in for Sports Authority and Dicks.  Especially for the boys.  Their favorite gift to give is a pair of these Nike elite socks with a gatorade bottle.
 They also love anything by Nerf.  This "fire vision" football comes with night vision goggles.  So, when the sun sets, they can continue to play.
What boy doesn't love a bow and arrow set?  This has been a go-to gift for a number of boys this year.  They especially love the sound it makes when you fire it.

For less sporty gifts, we will go out of our way to hit The Age of Reason toy store in Westport.  It is a wonderful "mom and pop" shop that makes every effort to stock quality gifts.  Their selection is well edited, but truly has something for everyone.  Puzzles, brain teasers, science kits (like none I have ever seen), board games, and tons of stuff for your naturalist or architect .  I also love that they stock interesting books that marry back to the different toys in the shop.  In the spring we bought one friend a bird feeder coupled with a field guide to birds in Connecticut.  

We have a few friends that love the outdoors and have found lots of fun gifts for them at REI.  The headlamp is one of our go-to gifts.  

And the boys love this adventure pack

I love that my kids are starting to recognize that their friends have special interests.  And I love that they are thoughtful enough to consider this when selecting gifts.  

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