Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

For whatever reason, Valentines always signals the last bit of winter and the race to spring.  The bright pink and red sets a tone that it is decidedly brighter.

For Valentines Day this year, my kiddos got their favorite balloon pets.  Have I mentioned their my favorite pets too?  KF got a kitty, Chomps got a doggy and Baby J got a dinosaur

Each one also got a heart balloon, a mailbox of candies and treats, and best of all, I got them each a house key.  Now that I am working, I thought these might be in order.  How fun are these keys I picked up at Home Depot?

The kids enjoyed a special afternoon treat from the donut shop.  I can't believe that I actually ended up throwing an un-eaten one away.

I totally embraced the day with bright pink.  The J.Crew excursion vest in pink is a favorite.  I bought the red last year and I have worn it to death.  So, I just had to have this color.  As for nails, I used Essie's Fancy Delancy.  Toooo cute!

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