Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Beauty of Snow

We have gotten snowfall after snowfall this year.  The novelty of it still makes this Southern girl happy.  Perhaps my favorite snowfalls are those that happen in the middle of the night.  You wake to a a bright sunrise that is so pure that you know there must be snow on the ground.  The quietness of the morning coupled with the virgin snow, can not be beat!  

This time the snow started on the 8th during the day.  We had a consistent snow all day, but I doubted that it could continue through the night as they had predicted.  So, on day one I managed to knock around in my trusty old Gucci snow boots that come just above the ankle.

The hubs got more firewood.  A quarter cord to get us through the remaining winter.  We all got on our cozy jammies, and started a a marathon of Duck Dynasty while the snow fell.

Throughout the night the snow continued to fall and reached blizzard like conditions around midnight.  The good news is that we kept power throughout the night-- what a blessing.

The next morning was  a winter wonderland.

 Lots of playing and of course, hot chocolate were in order.

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