Friday, February 15, 2013

Mystery Reader for J

Today I was the mystery reader in J's class.  We have been so good about using our wonderful library, that I seldom buy books anymore.  Thankfully, our librarians are so good that I called ahead and have them pull 5-6 books that J would like  (I love that they know him well enough to know what he would like).  I gave each a read and ended up selecting this one..Mustache.  This book is hilarious and had all the kids giggling in the Jackson's kindergaten class.

Since we are no longer allowed to bring treats for birthdays, they allow up to mystery read instead.  So, I couldn't help bringing a little treat for the kids to enjoy.  At Party City, I came across these fabulous stick-on mustaches for a quarter-- they were  hilarious.  I picked up one for each kid and they LOVED it.  Here are just a few pics of the kids with theirs on.

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