Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweet Buns

From an early age, my mother used to make me keep my hair back from my face.  For school in particular, I wore many different hair styles, but all with the intent to keep my hair back and my eyes on their studies.  I 'm sure my mother was a little perplexed on exactly what to do with such unruly hair (she and my sister both had straight hair).   Pulling it back seemed to be the only logical solution.

As I have gotten older, I notice that having my hair in my face is quite bothersome to me.  Probably because I never worn it in this fashion.  As much as I try to embrace those messy bed head looks, I always fail, and pull it all back into my go-to pony.

In the winter time when the humidity is low, I will often straighten my hair out.  While it takes me 30 to 40 minutes, it will last 4-5 days.  That's the beauty of dry curly hair.  I have a couple of products that I use and swear by.  I use Options Soothe on my towel dried hair and once I am dry, I finish it with the Fekkai frizz control polish.

As crazy as this sounds, when I style my hair curly, it takes about 10-12 minutes and will only last 2 days.  After that, the frizz from sleeping on my hair (and not brushing it...yes, you read that right, I don't brush it) becomes too much and I have to wash it or pull it back.  Something tells me that I need to invest in a silk pillowcase (note to self).  I have easily used Paul Mitchell Sculpting LOTION for 20 years.  It works for me and trust me, when you find something that works on your curly hair, you stick with it.  I think any other wavy hair gals would agree.
For me, the biggest challenge is finding nice ways to extend the life of my wash and dry-- especially when it's curly.  While a ponytail works for casual days, I want something a little more refined for church or work.  French Twists are one of my tricks and they always look nice, although maybe a little too mature.  So, I was thrilled when I started seeing this top knot item pop up on pinterest.  It started with an image that I pinned for KF and it looked like this

But after looking to see how to  make this "rudoplph hair", I found a product that was exactly what Yours Truly needed.  It's called Bored with your Hair? and it's a kit that includes everything you need to make a top knot in less that 2 minutes...seriously.  What I love is that you can make your top knot on top of your head for a flirty and cute look, you can wear it low for a more demure look.  The bun can be sleek or messy-- It's up to you.  This product comes in three different colors to match your particular hair color and it won't add but a couple of minutes to your morning routine.  

Of course, you know I love a good deal.  Well, it happens that over Christmas I was doing a little shopping and I hit H&M for some teachers gifts.  Wouldn't you know, they have a version of this for just $3.99.  Full disclosure, you will have to supply your own bobby pins and hair bands, but I think we all have a few dozen of those in our bathroom drawer. 

And here are just a couple of cute looks you can create with this product.  Cute, right?

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