Wednesday, January 23, 2013

String Showcase with KF!

KF wearing her Marchesa for Target dress!
KF has been taking the violin since the beginning of the schoolyear and they finally had their first String Showcase.  KF didn't seem a bit nervous the night before.  She practiced for about a half hour and then picked the fanciest dress in her closet to wear for the occasion.

When my kids practice piano, it always sounds good to great.  Even if they get a key wrong, the overall sound is pleasing.  Violin, on the other hand, can be like nails on a chalkboard and is quite loud.   KF doesn't practice as often as she should for violin, which makes her infrequent practices a little painful on all of us.  With this in mind, I was scared to ask her if she had a solo portion in the showcase...thankfully she did not!  And I have to say, violins sound sooooo much better when performed in quantities.
KF and one of her best freinds, Emma.
This was just after the concert with Mama!

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