Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Carnival 2012

Every Year, my kids look forward the Halloween carnival at their school. There is a tremendous amount of work poured into it, but the entire town comes to enjoy this super fun tradition.

The week of the Carnival, the trucks start arriving in the parking lot of school.  After reading, Water for Elephants, I have to equate this to the suspense that was felt when a Circus train pulled into town.  Parents, teachers and kids watch as the rides are unloaded and assembled.  Each one that gets setup makes everyone even more excited.  The night before the carnival, they light everything up and it is magical.

Each year, I take the earliest volunteer shift I can.  Number one, I get a close parking space and number two, we have the rest of the day to enjoy the carnival with the kids. For the first time this year, Ric and I divided and conquered.  While the boys went on rides, KF and I did some of the girlier face painting, hair feathers, and a little hair color.  Do I need to mention that her scalp will be discolored for weeks?

After hearing the good tunes from the DJ, we headed up only to find a free Zumba class.  KF easily spent an hour or so dancing with friends.

As a family, we went through the haunted house.  One of us decided that he NEVER wanted to go into a haunted house again...

The rides are great.  All the ones you probably remember-- swings, house of mirrors, roller coasters, Water gun fun,

The moms at school put so much work and creativity into this activity.  One of the things I love to peruse is the bake sale.  The ideas and packaging are all so enticing!
These boxes had cookies inside...yum!

How perfect are these?

What a good way to store a cupcake!
Halloween is such a big holiday in the northeast.  Far more than I remember it being in the south.  While the month is chock-o-block with activities, it is truly so much fun for the kids.

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