Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I resolve to...

So, I am pleased to say, I didn't do too bad on my 2012 goals.  While most were completed, there were a few (like exercising) that ebbed and flowed and others that just didn't get an traction at all (reading the bible). 

This year, I hope to come up with another batch that I can work towards.  Some will continue from last year and some will be new.  Here is what I am planning:

My personal goals
  1. Photoshop-- take course at library and practice!
  2. Read through the entire Bible
  3. Teach kids psalm 23 and Nicene Creed
  4. Attend church more frequently
  5. Run in 3 races this year
  6. Lose 10 pounds (still!)
  7. Read the magazines I subscribe too!
  8. Read at least one book a month
  9. Read 15 read-aloud books with my kids
  10. DIY my kitchen
  11. Clean off my current computer and dump our two extra computers
  12. Organize my Iphoto..yikes
  13. 12 for 12 --- one new DIY project for each month
    • January-- Needlepoint Iphone case
    • February--make V-day cards on photoshop
    • March-- Sew roman shades for living room
    • April-- Make skirts for KF and her American Girl Dolls
    • May--tbd
    • June-- Paint bookcase for boys room
    • July--tbd
    • August--Canning!
    • September--Grosgrain trimmed frame
    • October--Needlepoint Union Jack Pillow
    • November--Make Christmas Card
    • December--tbd

1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year.
    Always love your resolutions. I aspire to be organized enough to get mine made by the end of January.
    2013, of course.