Friday, January 11, 2013

Darien Library

I know I must have mentioned how much we love our library here in Darien.  The DL is ranked as one of the top libraries in the country and for good reason, they have amazing programs, books and resources. 

Its small, but of the thing my kids love best is the library's checkout system.  The kids just scan their library card, and then they place their book, one at a time, under the same scanner.  Here is the crazy party, you don't have to scan the bar code it just identifies the book under the scanner by a chip that is located in the binding.  This is magic in my kid's eyes!

KF's girl scout troop took a behind-the-scenes look at the library and we were allowed down in the dungeon to look at the machine that sorts books as they are placed in the outside bin or the inside bin.  The girls watched in awe as the books came down the shot and then shot into different baskets or carts to be distributed.

Our children librarians, who mostly commute here from Brooklyn, know their books cold and can always make a great recommendation based on what you have read and what you like.  For adults, the library, offers an extensive selection of magazines, a bloomberg terminal and classes galore-- in addition to the books!

The Darien Library, it's for you!

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