Sunday, September 30, 2012

Darien Deals-- Vineyard Vines Sample Sale

Girls, warm up those credit cards, it's time to shop.  Vineyard Vines is having their annual sample sale in Greenwich and if last year is any indicator, this should be great.  Vineyard Vines is my go-to for the boys and I personally love their use of color and novelty.  I'll be taking this opportunity to STOCK up...even if it is for next year.

Here are some of the things I would like to snag...

The Hub's birthday is on 10/7.  I've been meaning to get him a bow tie (see my father's days post), but alas, have not gotten to it.  This would be a great find and would definitely knock one thing off my my to-do list for next week!
 In a beach town, a girl can never have enough tunics..
Blue is MY color
Love the Eyelet

The Boys love these light weight half zip sweatshirts.  I swear they don't wear out.  We've used our current ones for two two years and I can still pass chomp's sweatshirt down to baby J

Martha's Vineyard 2011
Return from Naples 2012...still wearing them!

Of course, at the right price, I'll take as many lounge pants and boxers as I can manage for myself and the kids.  The boxers are what my boys wear as pajamas through the summer and the lounge pants are what they use in the spring and fall.

So, if you are near Greenwich next weekend, head on over to the sale and get prepped!

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  1. sadly the commute is too far or a half zip fleece (or three) would be in the bag for The Boy.
    have fun.