Sunday, September 2, 2012

Darien Deals-- Q Barbeque

I know a thing or two about Barbeque.  So, I had to try Q barbeque in Port Chester when a friend of mine recommended it.  While we totally enjoyed ourselves, the food was about what I expected--good but not great.  In my opinion, they were a little too heavy on the molasses... in everything (including the iced tea????).  That said,  I would probably go back for a bbq fix if needed.  For those who didn't grow up in BBQ country, this BBQ would probably be fine.  I just happen to be a pulled pork snob

Now, for the deal.  On Wednesdays, kids eat for free. I will tell you one thing, that isn't something you see much around here.  For $8.00 kids get a choice of a pulled pork sandwich, ribs, southern fried chicken fingers (among a few more selections) along with a side, a drink, and a desert.  Not bad, huh?

As you will see below, there are some other weekly deals, but Wednesday is the one that would draw me down to the NY state line.

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