Friday, August 10, 2012

Lego Camp!

Darien has one of the best Libraries in the country...seriously.  Over the summer, they have tons of free activities for kids, but the highlight is their Lego Camp.  There is such a large response to this program that they make it a lottery.  This year we got lucky!  Trey and Jackson both got this program and I couldn't have been happier because this isn't your typical Lego Camp.  They teach the kids about torque, motors, and design.  It really is fascinating and right up my boy's alley.

The guys who run this camp are part of a company called Play-Well TEKnologies and they specialize in teaching kids engineering.  This company is based in California, but they have franchises all over the country.  I love how organized they are and they teach the kids to be this organized at home.  They also expect the kids to put everything back before leaving. 

For seven days the kids made one to two projects a day.  One day, each child made a railroad car with built in motor.  The class, together made a bridge, and each train car made its way over the bridge
 Another day it was catapults
One day it was a trolley that had a motor and made it's way across a wire line.
and there were helicopters
The instructors are a little geeky which is just what I expect.  They love to play with Legos and they love to help the kids invent.  They get on the floor with them, they explain why things will or won't work, and they never tell a child that something is wrong.  Truly, this is one of the best camps we have ever participated in.

Lego is one of my favorite toys because it makes you think.  I also love that my kids approach Legos differently.  Chomps likes the sets and follows them step by step, KF likes to get the big box of Legos out and create things from sheer imagination, and Baby J is somewhere in between the two.

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