Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dinosaur State Park-- Rocky Hill, CT

The Hubs and I have been wanting to take the kids to this Dinosaur Park ever since we we saw the signs for it on our way to Mystic, CT. This past week proved to be a perfect time as they were having a celebration day with plenty of kid activites.

The park is just about an hour a half away from us and is quite interesting. It actually has one of the largest sets of dinosaur tracks in the US. They have an amazing display of early Jurassic fossil tracks that were made 200 million years ago! After exploring the museum you can explore the property -- they have more than 2 miles of nature trails to walk. A little buggy, but very pretty.

Mining for gemstones proved to be one of the favorite activities of the day.  R happens to be from Dahlonega, Georgia (home to first major gold rush in the US and also home to the Zac Brown). So, this type of activity was second nature to him. KF got an enormous amethyst, Chomps found an arrowhead, and J got several shark teeth.

After mining, we made our way to the reptile wrangler from the Beardsley zoo.  He brought an array of animals for the kids to touch.  Our favorite was blue-tongued skink. After that, we walked the trails and explored the property. Of course, no trip to a forest would be complete without a meet and greet with Smokey the bear. KF and Chomps had no interest in meeting this big "animal"-- they are getting too cool for that. However, baby J was all over it. I love seeing this differences in age -- it's quite humorous. Anyhow, Baby J managed to get his sibs to pose for a shot with both the Dino and Smokey.

 After face painting, bowling, rubbings, coloring and tie dying, the kids jumped on these huge world balls and played.  Who knew they would love these so much?  

Since we headed home in the  late afternoon, Ric insisted that we stop at his favorite restaurant in Westport -- Shake Shack. This Danny Meyer restaurant started in Madison Square Park (just outside the building where I worked for Emanuel Ungaro). They are known for their fresh/organic ingredients and their custards (that change daily). Let me tell you from experience, you should just NEVER look up the calories on one of these bad boys. You'll be fasting for days if you do. The salted caramel custard was yummy, but I never tire of the plain vanilla shake -- it is wonderful!

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