Monday, June 4, 2012

Made it Myself Monday-- Candy Sushi

These days, KF is obsessed with anything Japanese.  One of her best and oldest friends, Leah (below), moved to Tokyo last year and since then, KF has taken had an insatiable interest in all things having to do with Japan.  It is actually a known fact in her class that KF loves two things... Japan and Cats.  

Anyhow, this week, we celebrated her summer birthday in the classroom and I had to bring in an allergy free snack.  After spending the morning at field day and the afternoon at a preschool party, I was pooped-- but I rallied!  I had pinned a candy sushi photo on the pin quite a while ago.  So, I pulled it up and started to do some research.  The original site didn't actually give directions or ingredients.  So, I just got my creative juices flowing and this is what we ended up with

 Basically I made a half batch of rice krispie treats because I had to mold them before they set.  I made two shapes a round and a rectangular style.  On the rectangular pieces, we put a slice of dried mango and then used fruit-by-the-foot rolls to make the wrappers going around the piece.  For the rolls we had three varieties there were all wrapped with fruit-by-the-foot.  In the first, we carved out the center and put a mini marshmallow and a Swedish fish inside.  In the second, we put a dollop of frosting on top and then dipped them in orange sprinkles (aka caviar).  The last was exactly the same, but dipped in Nerds.  On the side was our " wasabi ", which was Duncan Hines frosting tinted with green food coloring.

Surprisingly this only took about 45 minutes to make-- the same as it would have taken me to make cupcakes.  We made one pieces for each child and also gave each kid a take out box filled with smartpop popcorn.  The best part was all the items met the allergy requirements.  yippee.

KF came home from school proud as punch and her teacher e-mailed with lots of compliments.  I highly recommend this special snack.

Here a few different pictures of the candy sushi to get your creative juices flowing
Save your takeout containers and the grass. 
Display some on their sides to make it more authentic


  1. Love it i'm gonna try it for the next potluck/birthday celebration at work

  2. Love it i'm gonna try it for the next potluck/birthday celebration at work