Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fathers Day

With Fathers day quickly approaching, I've been giving some thought to gift ideas for my better half.  For mothers day and fathers day, we try to keep things simple.  We never give anything too precious and sometimes we don't give anything at all; but if we do, it's always something thoughtful.  Here are some ideas I have been bouncing me, I'm only getting one or two of these.

I bought both of my boys a vineyard vines bow tie on the last Rue La La sale.   While they both like them, they both like to match Daddy.  So, I guess it's time to pony up for an adult sized bow tie!  The Marlin one below would definitely fit the bill (no pun intended).  High Cotton Ties, Ben Silver, Bird Dog Bay, The Tie Bar, Moss Ties, The Cordial Churchman and Southern proper all offer good selections online.  So, have a look


While we were in Mystic, we browsed through a wonderful little map shop that had some beauties!  I found a fabulous antique map of Darien that I plan to buy.  I love the idea of giving a piece of art that is geographically sentimental.  Years ago, I gave the hubs two antique etchings of Boston and New York (both former residences)-- and that reminds me, I've never had those framed!

If your husband gave you a beautiful camera for your birthday, perhaps a frame with photo in it would be appropriate.  At home I use only silver frames because different styles can be mixed easily together.  But for the office, I think these handsome bamboo frames would be perfect.

For the Dapper Dan, I love the Sid Mashburn belts.  There is tons to like about these belts that come in brass or silver.  for starters, you'll have an epic patina in about a month, second, it can be monogrammed, and last, there is no other distracting details on this belt.  While you're on his site, check out the hoof pik buckles and the oyster shell buckle (my husband wouldn't wear it, but I might!).  Sid Mashburn is the (much smaller) Stanley Korshak of Atlanta and is the place for all things southern...including white bucks, seersucker, and trolley cases!

If you've ever been to my house, you know that I am anything but minimalist.  However, I do believe that everything has a place.  That being said, my husband's pocket change, receipts, and tees are getting a little out of control.  I love this personalized change holder.  It's made in Tennessee from bridle leather.  So handsome, don't you think?
For a little about a Laguiole pocket knife.  I love that these knives come is neon hues, it definitely makes them easier to find.  While I love the acid green and blue, I am quite sure the sir would select the snakewood or pistachio color way
I think this is something that I want...but it is certainly a PRIZE gift for any father.  Let's just say, if we had one of these, I'd be smoking up a storm...not that I'm not already smokin'--ha ha!

Books are always a great gift because they are enjoyed by all and they also serve as great accessories in the house.  Since Mr. D loves to fish, I thought these might be a few good selections for him.

And last, give a gift that keeps on giving.  You know, a magazine subscription.  For the past couple of years, I have bought Garden and Gun and it is ridiculously fabulous.  We both read it cover to cover.  It's based in Atlanta and I'm excited to open each month and see houses that I recognize, artwork and photo shoots done by friends, and review of old haunts (Automatic for the People...thank you very much)!

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