Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Father's Day was one of the most fun days this year!  The kids and I loved being able to plan something special that we knew Daddy would love. For the first time ever, we hit Down Under Kayaks in Rowayton/ Westport. We have eyed this Kayak rental shop since we moved here, but the kids were too big to fit on two kayaks and we needed to wait until KF could maneuver a kayak on her own. I figured this was as good a time as any to test that out. As you see, KF did beautifully. She was pooped at the end and I ended up towing her, but she'll only get better.  

After a morning on the sound, we went to Valencia, a Venezualian beach food joint. If you can believe, we were met at the door by a hostess who said they had run out of food. So, we took a chance and tried a new place called Beach Burger which was opened by a chef from that show Chopped. It was pretty yummy and definitely hit the spot. The Surf and Turf is recommended and the taco burger was delicious. The Bynum Burger looks great, but I am too big of a BBQ snob to order it.

We treated Dad to two new pairs of Bonobos pants.  These are the BEST pants and they fit great.  We bought Ric the travel jeans in khaki and the classics in wasabi.  These pants don't fit as full as traditional pants, but also don't fit like skinny euro club-hopping pants -- they're somewhere in between and it works great.  I also totally a fan!

I hope you too had a great Father's Day!

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