Sunday, June 10, 2012

CCNS Art Show

Ric and I attended an Art Show at a neighborhood preschool, Community Cooperative Nursery School. I had seen their yard signs throughout town and thought it might be a nice change of scenery.  It was to great surprise that we walked into a fantastic art show with hundreds of pieces by different artists in the northeast, representing many different styles. Local celebrity Topher Grace happened to be there at the same time. So I snapped a picture of him for you too!

Because our house up her is T-I-N-Y, we have a lot of artwork that is too big and too fussy.  So, I have been considering a smaller landscape to go over my fireplace. I feel like this might bring a calmer and more serene feel to the room. And truth be told, I have been thinking that I might want to paint one myself. From what I hear oils can be easy to work with because the more layers you add the richer it looks. OK, I'm only half-kidding.

So, here were the inspirational pieces I was eyeing...

Below are some things I have pinned on making your own art.  I figure, nothing ventured, nothing gained...right. I'll let you know how it goes.

1) Paint the canvas all crazy 2) Use painter's tape to create a herringbone pattern with some missing 3) Paint over the canvas in white 4) Remove tape and voila!

This one seems simple enough to glom

 And don't let me forget Topher:

Can you say STALKER??!!

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