Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movie at the beach

Every summer, Darien gets things started with fun activities at the beach.  Bands, sandcastle competitions, and movies are on the bill.  We never miss the movie as it gives the kids an excuse to stay up late with friends and play/ watch.  This year they showed Kung Fu Panda... a favorite in my house.  Jackson had fallen fast asleep by the end of the movie, but my other two were still socializing up a storm!

Something about a cool night at the beach, a special cocktail in hand, and good friends makes this feel like the real start to summer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KF turns Nine!

My oldest just turned 9 years!  As I look back at pictures, I am both amazed and sentimental.  KF was such a smiley and sweet baby and now we are turning the corner towards a more mature and confident little girl that keeps her brothers in line. This year, KF has become a voracious reader...often finding a nook to curl up and read in. Surprisingly, she has become more of an entertainer than ever...probably due to her stable of friends that are all girly and loud. Her interests include learning Japanese, teaching herself piano, and reading about the Titanic. 

We had KF's friend party in April, but below are some pictures from her family birthday.  She had an unusually small birthday list, which was nice for a change. Her requested birthday cake was a homemade icecream pie made with chocolate and mint ice cream, oreo cookies, hot fudge and whipped cream...yum!

Here was her responses to this year's questions:
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Toy: iPad and iTouch
Favorite Fruit: Pomegranate and grapefruit
Favorite TV Show: Jessie and iCarly
Favorite Lunch: Subway
Favorite Game: Foosball
Favorite animal: Cat and Dog
Favorite Song: Rare Bird Alert, Moves Like Jagger, and Like a G6
Favorite Breakfast: eggs and bacon
Favorite Thing to do Outside: declare war with the boys
Favorite drink: 7up and Diet Coke
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Luvie: Honeydew (teddy bear), Butternut (cat), Smores (TKE eagle), and Pinkie (pink perfume bear)
What do you want to be when you grow up: Veterinarian
What do you want for birthday dinner: Fuji

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Martha's Vineyard 2012

This June we met our very good friends Tokyo Sue, Alex and their kids at Martha's Vineyard. Our entire family was so excited about this trip because the W-D's now live in Tokyo and we only get to see them once a year. So, these visits mean more than they ever have and we take the opportunity to sap as much from them as is possible in one week.

The Ferry was booked and we were all packed. After a bumpy start, we were en route and ready to put all worries aside and enjoy ourselves for the week.

On the ferry and eager to see friends

Our lovely house...isn't that hot pink fantastic?
Our friends Sue and Alex know the Vineyard like the back of their hand. So, they always know the fun things to do. While we pack a lot of activities in, it also feels a good amount relaxed -- that is a hard balance to find! For the most part we cook at home which makes for the best conversation and an easier night with the littles. Sue and I prepared a dinner or two, but our dinners don't hold a candle to Alex's creations.  I should be embarrassed to serve him a thing.

While the boys took a boat out fishing, the girls headed to Gay Head (now known as Aquinnah) to get in some souvenir shopping. The girls had earned some pocket money and had about $5 to spend. Of course, it took about an hour and half to spend that five dollars. After shopping and an ice cream cone, we walked up to the cliffs and used the sightseerer to get a good view of the cliffs. It wasn't until Sue and I looked that we realized that there was a couple walking the beach completely naked. Sue and I laughed so hard at ourselves, as we hoisted each girl up to the sightseeer to have a look -- scolding when they moved it from the exact spot it needed to be. Truth be told, you couldn't see could just tell that that there wasn't anything but suntanned skin
The Cliffs

Now, look for the two people walking by the water...
Trey with a fluke! (summer flounder)

Daddy catching the little ones

Alex fighting a big one!

That night, we had a friendly game of wiffle ball in the back yard and margarita pizza from the Chilmark Market.  Everyone was so happy...until we found the ticks.  Yes mam, after I spotted a tiny tick on Trey...we examined each kid and found about 75 in total.  None were engorged and we later discovered they were nymphs, but it definitely made for an interesting evening with kids.

No trip is ever complete without a visit to the Flying horses in Oak Bluffs.  Alex has gone every year since he was a toddler and we love that they shared this special treat with us. The flying horses is the oldest platform carousel and has been named as a national landmark. Originally located in Coney Island, it was brought to MV in 1884. The horses are hand-carved and the tails are made from real horse hair.  The fun for the kids is the game it involves. As the kids go around they pull rings out of a contraption.  If you get the brass ring, this gives you a free ride. While mine love an additional ride, they really love grabbing the rings. As you get older, you aim to get more than one ring out at a time.

Spending the day in Edgartown make you understand why so many people love Martha's Vineyard.  This is  town is gorgeous.  They have fantastic shops, quaint streets, and did I mention delicious ice cream?

The week went by far too fast and as the last day arrived, I felt myself holding back tears.  Friends like Sue don't come around often and having spent a week with this special friend (that is more like a sister) -- I realized how desperately I wanted to have her back again (full-time). We arrived a touch early to the ferry and enjoyed our last moments at the dock.
Lunch at the black dog

Waiting to board the ferry

hamming it up for the camera

Cheers to our dear friends !