Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tiger Cub!

Chomper has completed his first year of scouts and is now a TIGER CUB.  I am so proud of him.  There is a certain amount of commitment to boy scouts-- they have homework, they have to be prepared for their meetings, and they have to memorize mottos and pledges.  Sometimes this feels like it falls squarely on R and I's shoulders, but I know this will shift as Chomps gets bigger.

The last of this year consisted of a Space Derby and an afternoon hike in Sellaks Woods.  The Space Derby is similar to the Pinewood Derby, but they build a spaceship.  A lot of effort goes into these models...given the time of year, I was a little overwhelmed and I definitely procrastinated on this project.  The night before, you read that right, Ric assembled the model and they sanded it; before school the next morning, I had everything prepped for Trey to apply the first coat of white paint.  I applied a second coat during school and then taped it up for the chomp to finish when he got home.  We were done and it was drying at 4pm!  We decided on a patriotic (and simple) design and it was obviously a success...we won 1st place in our race!  Here are a few pics.

Sellaks Woods is a preserved area that's close to our home.  It has a beautiful lake, lots of trails, a bird sanctuary and is fun no matter when you go.  I can put my kids on their bikes and ride over in about 10 minutes...which is super nice. The Scouts had a Sunday afternoon hike here.  As they walked the trails, they spoke about using their 5 senses when hiking.  The leaders incorporated Geo-caching and letter boxing into this fun meeting.  Here are a few pictures from their hike...

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