Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Skills

As summer approached I have been talking with different mom's about what they do for summer workbooks.  Our school in Atlanta, Lovett, recommended the summer skills set and we love them.  In fact, I order them every summer for each of the kids.  Unlike other books , these are not predictable, they draw on many different skills, and the kids enjoy doing them.  We spend 15-30 minutes a day working on these and I try work on them at least three days a week.  For this set, you buy the grade you just completed (not the grade you are going into).  They help to back-fill, and strengthen the skills they have learned so they start school with a solid base. 

You can order these at


  1. Thanks for the tip. I just ordered some! :)

  2. Peach, please pass along my greetings and hearty salutations to Kiwi/TokyoSue.