Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Years Resolution-- DONE

It's true, we finally settled on a car!

And here she is:
This week, I went back and drove the Land Cruiser. While this car is actually my ideal-sized car and the inside is more in line with a luxury car, there were just a few deal breakers. The biggest was that third-row passengers can not get out unless their arms are long enough to pull the handle on the side of the second row -- and that was physically impossible for my litttles. The center console up front is a "cool box" -- basically a refrigerator -- and while this sounds wonderful, the electronics/cooling system to support it comes at the expense of actual center console room.  In my case, this equated to paying an extra $1100 to store my blistex, driving gloves, sunglasses, and wipes. Value wise, this car was a good deal, but it just didn't fit the bill for us right now. 

Once we moved on from the Land Cruiser, we just needed to focus on what size was best for us. While the Highlander is spacious for its size, four kids is a full house and five kids is bordering on uncomfortable.  Especially when we fast forward to the last year of our projected ownership of this car -- when my kids will no longer be 5, 6, and 8, but 11, 12, and 14. Once we ruled out the Highlander, we could take the Mazda off our "look list."

As for the Sequoia, there was also a little divine intervention involved.  The Hubs and I both loved the Pyrite Mica color (which is a metallic brown; see above), but since we were being opportunistic and looking for a deal, we also knew that once we started negotiating we would need to "make friends" with whatever colors they had on the lot. By chance, this past week, R passed the Toyota dealership on the train and noticed a 2011 Pyrite Mica sitting on their lot. It was exactly what we had hoped for!  Between the two of us, we negotiated a great deal and yesterday, I took my baby home.

Good-bye Mercedes..Hello Sequoia!


  1. Congratulations! Cant wait to meet the new addition!

  2. Congrats! you must be more than half way done with that resolution list.
    how goes the needlepoint?