Saturday, April 28, 2012

KF's Birthday Bash!

My oldest, just had her birthday party this weekend.  She doesn't officially turn 9 until June, but we always try to get the party in before school ends.  This year, we had it at the local bakery.  The kids had a great time decorating sugar cookies and making groovy boxes to put the cookies into.

The birthday girl was so excited... and her brothers were too...

The  party was very fun and very messy.  I was thrilled to not be hosting this at my house as there was icing and sprinkles all over the floor (and the kids).

After making bags and cookies, the kids entertained themselves until pick-up by making their own dance party.  KF actually did her ENTIRE Irish dance for the party.  The hubs and I just watched and  laughed!

The following pictures are by far my favorite shots of the day.  I saved the best for last...This friend of KF's, who is known as the "Woman of Wonder"...was sporting the more-is-more look  with her bracelets and I loved it.


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