Friday, May 18, 2012

Family Birthday

Chomps had a great birthday.  His "free share" was on his birthday--so, he took his new Harry Potter wand from Grandma and Grandad to show his friends at school.  Thankfully, R was able to leave work a little early and be home for Chomps when he got off the bus.  I usually put streamers on their bedroom door the night before, but this time, I taped streamers across the front entry for him to BUST through (I was fast asleep at 9pm the night before!).  Trey wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but once he realized what he needed to do, he loved it.  Dinner was at the kid's favorite Hibachi restaurant.  We actually shared a table with our friends who had a son celebrating his 13th birthday and Trey has since said, "This was my best best birthday mom because I got to share it with my friend Zak"..that made me laugh (Sarah, are you reading).  I'm quite sure the 13 year old isn't saying the same of the 7 year old!

Daddy's home!

Bust through Chompy!

Seriously, check out his reflection in my icing!
His new IPOD!
Flipping eggs!
My kids favorite part...the onion volcano.
Yes, that's my husband catching broccoli in his mouth!
I'm not sure about the rest of you all, but for some reason, kid's birthdays seem to go on for forever.  You have the school party...which has become really tricky with all the allergies.  Then you have the family party on the day of the birthday...with cake and icecream and special dinner.  Finally, you have the friend party which is always a real push to organize.  I'm pooped by the time it is all about you?  

I guess what I am saying is... stay tuned for the birthday party pictures :)

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  1. Oh my God! I can see his reflection in that flawless icing.
    and happy birthday.