Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Disney-- Epcot

Our first day in Disney was spent at Epcot.  This was our first time at Epcot. Since we were driving up from Naples, we spent only a half day here. Epcot is split into two different areas...Future World and World Showcase.

We started in Future World.  We had a reservation for lunch at San Angel Inn -- which was surprisingly yummy.  After a tequila flight for R (at lunch!) and a margarita for me, we were ready to tackle our first day at Disney. The kids loved the volcano in the restaurant.

Test Track pavillion was unfortunately closed, but here is what we did...
  1. Spaceship Earth
  2. Soarin' -- not to be missed!
  3. Club Cool -- cokes from around the world -- the kids loved this and voted Japanese coke #1...Ric loved the orange-flavored coke (forgot the name) from Germany
  4. The Seas with Nemo and Friends 
  5. The Seas saltwater aquaruium
  6. Gran Fiesta Boat Tour
At Epcot, they had most of the Disney characters available for photos and autographs.  While my older two had less interest, Jackson couldn't hide his enthusiasm.  While the fam waited in a short line, I ran outside and bought J an Autograph book.  Tackling this at Epcot was a great decision as the lines were MUCH longer at the other parks and not all the characters were available in one convenient area.

On we went to World Showcase.  KF is currently OBSESSED with Japan and was like a "horse to the barn" in her mission. We quickly passed fish & chips in England, wine...sniff sniff.. in France, and lager in Germany. BUT, Japan was worth it! While the architecture in these "countries" is quaintly stereotypical, most are just filled with large retail areas that can by nightmarish with kids. KF selected a himitsu-bako box and a lucky gold cat with his paw raised (which, btw, had a sticker on the bottom that said "made in china"..ha ha).  Japan's department store, Mitsukoshi, had an enormous table of bakugans that had my boys salivating, and they also had an impressive selection of kimonos, fans, and Japanese foods. KF could have gone CRAZY! 

The world portion was definitely fun and we didn't have nearly enough time. I know this would be at the top of my kid's "must-do" list when we return. The area offers cuisine, history and architecture of almost a dozen countries. The gardens are extraordinary. But, lets be honest,  this area revolves mostly around retail. So, next time around, I will let the kids bring their own "spend" money or set a limit. Otherwise, it could get out of control. Perhaps R should set a limit for me too -- those silk kimonos were to die for :)

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