Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Years Resolution-- The Third Row Part 4

We're on the final portion of the quest for the third row...thank god.

This weekend, as requested, The hubs took me back to the Chevy dealership to look at the Tahoe and Traverse.

The Tahoe is essentially a suburban, just smaller.  I know that is probably obvious to everyone else, but I didn't realize that was the case (did I mention, I am not a car girl).  There are a lot of features that I liked about the suburban, but the car was just too big.  So, the Tahoe has those same "likes" and it's smaller.  The biggest plus is they have a push button that lowers the middle seat.  So, a child of any age in the third row can get out easily.  This is a huge plus for me and it's the only car (besides the flex) that offers this.  Ric likes the gauges a lot because they are simple and straightforward.  This car is equivalent in size to the Sequoia, which is tops of my list, but the price is lower.  Frankly, the design is not quite as polished as the sequoia in my's a little more American, but it is a great kid car.
Chevy Traverse
GMC Arcadia

We took a look at the Traverse while be were there and I was able to rule it out.  Size wise it is along the same lines as a Highlander or Mercedes GL...but I really want a car to seat 8.  They happened to have a GMC Arcadia on the lot too.  Now, here is where I became completely confused-- GMC and Chevy are owned by the same parent company and they have built two cars (the traverse and the arcada) which look exactly the same.  Please tell me why? The Arcadia was also a little flashy and Chrome-y which is not my thing.  I was told that the Buick Enclave is also this same, I am pulling it off my list for now.

A friend asked why I wanted a car to seat eight, and I have a couple of reasons.  For starters, we get lots of company and it's always 2 or more.  When my friend Anna and her three kids come-- we can all fit, when my Mom and sister come-- we can fit with a little room.  The second reason, is due in part to this area-- most Dads are at work in NYC.  So, carpooling is essential among the moms.  If I didn't carpool with other mom's my kids wouldn't be able to do the activities they do.  The more kids I can carry in the carpool, the less frequently I have to run carpool. Make sense?

One last thing.  We got a call and our Toyota dealership got in an amazon green Land Cruiser that is 8 months old.  Ric and I took a look.  As you may recall, we haven't been able to look at one of these before...apparently, there is a lot of demand and I'm told they ship most of these cars to the middle east.  Anyway, we went over to have a look. This car is definitely more in line with the Lexus.  The inside is gorgeous, the leather is beautiful, the dash is functional, and the ride is tighter and nicer.  But there are three things I don't love
  1. The hitchback doesn't have a push-button close.  Not a deal breaker, but it is something I like.  Go ahead and call me spoiled.
  2. The center console is a cool box.  Frankly, my kids have been fine without cold water up until now and I'm not sure I want to get them used to that.  Not to mention, it not big enough to hold 8 waters-- so, if you have a full house in the better stick with go-cups from inside.  I do understand, that I can turn the "cool" feature off and use it like a regular center console, but the space is much smaller because of the electrics involved.
  3. The third row is definitely the hardest to get out of.  Side lever only...ugh.
But, the car is priced better than the Sequoia, has a better resale value and is a touch smaller while still seating 8-- which I like.  What to do?

At this point here are my tops
  1. Toyota Sequoia
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser
  3. Chevy Tahoe

 And what's left? The Mazda Cx-9!

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