Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Made it Myself Monday-- Party Favors

This is the first year that we have settled on a smaller party for KF.  We picked a party at the bakery for 12 girls.  KF and I decided it was best to invite just class friends and then branch out if we got any "regrets".  At the party, the girls embellish special hobo bags and then decorate sugar cookies to go inside.  The theme is loosely Peace, Love, and Happiness.  I've been sitting on pink chef hats for years-- I bought them at the target dollar spot and never used them.  So, I knew these would be part of the goodie bag.  But then, I found the cutest lunch squares in bubble gum pink with cheetah handles and I knew they would be perfect.

Since the crowd was small, I decided to monogram the 12 bags.  I went to bed last night worried that I wouldn't get them done, but Voila(!), here they are.  I completely buckled down this afternoon (no phone, no tv, no music) and got them all done and packaged.  Pretty cute--if I do say so.

What has been your best goodie bag booty?


  1. absolutely adorable!
    don't misspell my name on my pink chef hat, m'kay?

  2. deer Miss. Wite-- How could I ever make a misteak on spellling your name?