Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fitness Challenge Complete

For the past ten weeks, I have taken part in a fitness challenge.  Truth be told, it was a challenge that  I initiated.  It started with about 12 friends, and with a little fall-out as the weeks wore on, it ended with 10 gals.  I initiated the challenge because my friends are important motivators in my life.  We are always talking about what diets work, which exercise programs are best (bar, pilates, running, etc), what snacks are most satisfying, and what's the best skinny girl drink.

The challenge was point based.  Points were given for tracking, keeping goals (staying under calories, drinking more water, doing more strength training) for exercising, and for losing pounds. Most of us used a fitness app.  I used Myfitnesspal which was better than expected.  I connected with several of the girls on the challenge and I'll admit, I felt the stress when I saw them logging exercise and I hadn't done any.

I guess the hardest part was the time commitment.  I drop J off at school at 12:30-- So, by the time I got home, did an hour workout and showered, I scarcely had time to fit in an errand before it was time to get my big kids off the bus and head back over to preschool.  This took a major toll on my "friend time".  I often felt that I was rushing and not being my usual chatty self because I was trying to fit it all in.

In all, I lost 9 pounds-- which was thrilling.  Especially since this got me 90% of the way to one of my goals for 2012.  I'll be honest, I've put two back on, but with another fitness challenge in the work (Thanks Fiona), I think I should be able to meet that goal by summer.

I forgot to mention that I got 3rd place!  The winners, Fiona and Chrissy put up an excellent challenge-- but, the serious competitors were every bit as challenging. Honestly, while I am happy to have placed, I am just happier that my pants are feeling a little loser and my body a little firmer!

Here is the funny part-- now, my kids (and their friends) want me to make them their own fitness challenge and blog.  Their goals are slightly different (1)Exercise (2) eat vegetables (3) go to sleep on time.  I think I'd like to see a little competition in all those areas!


  1. Congratulations! I'm more or less in a party of one fitness challenge down here. Slow going but i'm trying. Any must-do tips are welcome.

  2. Prunes and Metamucil...seriously!