Friday, April 20, 2012

Disney-- Hollywood Studios

Our third day was spent at Hollywood Studios.  Should I mention now, that we didn't do a ton of planning pre-disney, but pretty much crammed each night?  Hollywood Studios had my all-time favorite ride and my kids were the perfect age for this park. Like always, we had an enormous breakfast, then snacked until late afternoon, then had an early dinner. Upon arrival, R went straight to Toy Story Mania to get us fast passes. Apparently, if you don't get fast passes early, then you end up getting a 7pm or later slot (which is bedtime for us). We covered a lot of ground here, and fit most of our to-do list in...the Light Camera Action show got cancelled due to lightning and we skipped the Studio Backlot Tour because of tired kids. Here is what we did manage:
  1. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
  2. Jedi Training
  3. Star Tours --  I would have done this 10 times and so would the kids! (we ended up doing it twice)
  4. Honey I Shrunk the kids playground
  5. Muppet vision in 3D
  6. The great Movie Ride...yawn
  7. Toy Story Mania
  8. Voyage of the Little Mermaid-- the boys did not want to do this

Indiana Jones was full of stunts and the kids were amazed and a bit timid.  They loved the action, the fire, but they all wanted to know HOW the stunts were actually done-- which isn't explained.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground was cute, but with three running in different direction, I had no idea where they were and if they were safe. So, this was a little nutty. Thankfully, there is only one entrance/exit -- so they can't go far. If you go here, bring quarters for Pizza Planet (the arcade/pizza place in Toy Story), which is nearby.

Toy Story Mania was lots of fun and has a reputation of being the most coveted ride in all the parks, but I think this is due in part to the small capacity.  Personally, I think my three liked the buzz ride at Magic Kingdom just as much.

Star Tours took the cake. My boys are HUGE Star Wars fans, which is funny since I am SO not.  However, I will say that Star Tours was the best ride of the trip. There are 50 different combinations...So, you can ride again and again and it's never the same. Sit in the center back seat and you'll be the "enemy."  Afterwards, we made our own light sabers (SO AWESOME) and we had the picture made that you see here. R and I cannot figure out why Disney doesn't do more with Star Wars...It's clearly a favorite among most.

Dinner was at the Sci-Fi diner.  You sit in these vintage cars and watch old sci-fi (soft) horror movies.  The food was mediocre, but the kids enjoyed themselves.  The odd thing is that you don't face one another-- like a car, you face straight ahead.  Maybe this isn't such a bad thing after an entire day at Disney.  But due to the three factor, one kid did have to sit solo :(

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