Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Bunny Boogie

Caroline, Fiona, Me, and Jim (C's husband)

I've started to run with a group of friends each Thursday.  Fiona has run several marathons and Caroline is a veteran runner as well.  So, both are kind enough to let me huff and puff behind them and they ALWAYS wait or me on the hills I can't make.

The day before Easter, my girls and I did a small 3 mile run called the Bunny Hop at Pear Tree Point.  It was a magnificent morning...brisk, blue skies, and sunny.  We couldn't have asked for any better.  Kids and dads played at the beach while we made our two laps around the point.

Afterwards, we all noshed on bagels, fruit, coffee and Bloody Marys.  Fiona's dad, who has run the race 15+ times offered us all congratulations and told us about his own runs of the Bunny Hop.  As we were chatting on the beach, the race organizers were calling out the winners at the gazebo.  Out of the blue, R tells me they called my name.  I really thought he was kidding, but when I walked over, sure enough, I had a chocolate bunny awaiting me for second place in my age group.  I was stunned and soooo excited.  That alone will get me out the door and running each day...After all, athletes like me got to keep up their training...another Bloody Mary please!
Finish Line
Me and KF
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