Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring has Sprung...I think!

Flowers and Trees are blooming and I am ready for Spring to get here and stay.

The change of the seasons always kicks me into high gear.  So much to do.  I started yesterday by changing the kids closets over to their Spring wardrobes.  Its like seeing old friends when I pull out their clothes from LY.  I am a great end of season shopper...So, its always a treat to some new clothes mixed in with the old.  I just started to get my own wardrobe in line.  Here were a few of the new things I found in my off season closet

Lilly "Fallin in Love" print tunic dress
J. Crew Rugby Stripe.  This is still on-line, but it's just gotten warm enough to wear it here

Kate Spade ruffle wrap.  This may be my Spring Fling dress!
I did manage to hit the Elizabeth McKay sample sale in the city week before last.  I sent my husband in advance to see if it was worth my while.  I thought he was going to groan, but when I told him he could pick anything he liked-- he was on board.  It didn't hurt that upon arrival, every woman there told him how great he was.  Here are just a few things he picked up for me at a STEAL!

This afternoon, I'll have the kids go through their try-on pile and then I can figure out what I am missing.  This always seems like a chore, but I am always pleased when I have it all settled!  Do you have any tactics to share on the topic?  I always love a good tip!


  1. I want to raid your closet.....

  2. i clearly need you to intervene on my behalf. The Boys do too.