Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinewood Derby!

It's been a big month for my Tiger Cub.

March 3rd was the annual Pinewood Derby for Boy Scouts in Darien.  Chomps entered his first car into the derby with a little help from Dad.  They received the kit in January at their monthly Den meeting.  This month's meeting was held at a woodworkers club where the boys could get a good start on the initial construction of their cars.  Ric and Chomps decided on a red Ferrari style and began sanding the block of wood into their dream car.  Trey spent days sanding and Ric spend night sanding more.  When it finally was as smooth as glass, they spray painted it racing red.  Ric found an amazing hobby shop in NYC and secured some Ferrari decals and with those applied, we had a contender.

While we didn't have the fastest car in the derby, we did get 2nd prize for "sleekest"-- which in my opinion, is better.

I have never been to a pinewood derby, but after getting a lay of the land, I knew that this was definitely more my forte.  The subsequent pinteresting and goggling gave me hundreds of ideas for next year.  But then I thought about it, what I loved most about the pinewood derby was the time Ric and Chomps spent together.  It was a real bonding time for a father and son-- from the construction to the actual derby day.  There both had a vested interest.  I realized I wouldn't trade that for anything.  I love that my husband is hands on with our kids.  I love that he makes the time in his busy day to do these sorts of things.  I only hope my kids know how lucky they are to have a Dad like Ric!

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  1. They sure are!! It's great to watch him not only be hands on, but so obviously enjoy it! You got a "peach" there, Amanda!