Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Years Resolution-- The Third Row

We have finally started the REAL hunt for a car with a third row.

We started by hitting the Volvo dealership in Stamford. To be honest, I have so many friends with Volvo XC90s that I thought this was going to be "the one".  I think, If you have kids under 8 this is a great car.  It's a small SUV (which makes the jump from a sporty car much more palatable) and it offers additional seating for toddler play dates.  But, Mr. D and I are looking for a car that I'll have for the next 5 years when my oldest will be a 6th grader and  my youngest will be in 3rd grade.  At which point, my kids won't be under 4 foot, they'll probably be closer to 5'5"-- making the third row not even usable.  It's kind of like asking my 8 year old to sit in the backseat of my old Alfa Romeo!

Next up was the Toyota dealership.  We had three cars to look at there-- The Land Cruiser, The Sequoia, and the Highlander.  For starters, there were no Land Cruisers available new or used.  Word of the Darien street is that you almost can't even find one of these to even test drive.  After talking to the sales guy, the LC is a great truck for serious off roading types-- you can adjust the height of the vehicle, move from 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive, etc.  BUT, for your average driver (like me), it really isn't much more than a status statement.  Who knew that a Toyota was a status statement-- not me!
Next, we looked at the Sequoia-- which I loved.  This car offered the roominess that R was looking for, but it wasn't quite the bus that the suburban was.  It was comfy and offered plenty of room in the third row.  It is on a truck, it sits high and feels sturdy-- which I like.  This would be a great car for the next 5 years and it would we awesome for our summer roadtrips.

After looking at the XC90, I thought the Highlander would be out of the question, but I actually loved this one too and the price was a huge draw.  The best feature in this car was the middle can configure it into 2 captain seats (making the 3rd row easily accessible by kids) or you can add the insert and make it into a bench seat-- fitting three kids.  This insert fits into a compartment inside the, it's not in your garage taking up space and out of pocket when you need it.

Next weekend is Mercedes GL and Land Rover LR4!


  1. Give this one a try too

  2. I was going to suggest you look at the Acadia, too. Also, check out mine, Acura MDX. I love mine.