Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a great time celebrating my birthday this year.  My sweet husband was very generous.  Saturday he gave me a special gift...knowing that I would want to use it at Jackson's birthday party.  You guessed it, he gave me the Nikon Camera that I have had my eye on for years!  I just love it and even my first picture looked like it was out of a magazine (see below).  R took the one above with my new bubble necklace on.  I thought the color combo was cute...even if my facial expression wasn't
On my actual birthday, R brought out another gift--  the hydrangea Patagonia better sweater I wanted; and given the cold weather, I put it right on!  Truth be told, I've had it on for two days!  If you don't have a better sweater, I highly recommend getting one.  This is my first one and I do love it.

On Monday night, six of my girlfriends took me for a yummy dinner at Rowayton Seafood.  After one strong dirty martini, I completely forgot to snap a picture of the girls for the blog.  Rowayton is a quaint New England town that happens to be a stones throw from my house.  It is crammed with uber creative types which only feeds me more.  Here are some snaps of the restaurant and town.
Rowayton Seafood
Rowayton Seafood
Main Street of Rowayton
As always, my friends and family were so sweet and showered me with gifts.  One of my besties in Tokyo, sent me the lovliest set of Tea canisters-- all of which have my favorite color blue in them.  KF has already been skulking about the house trying to get her hands on just one.  And let me not forget to mention, that I got some much wanted/needed accessories that will certainly garner compliments this summer.  I'll save those goodies for another post.

Thanks to all for making this girl feel so special!  Darien is really starting to feel like home now that I have you all!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Am glad it was a good one. Sounds like folks did a nice job with the remembrances. (R -Kudos.) You might want to check out the book "Understanding Exposure" to get you up to speed (no pun) on the DSLR.

  2. Mrs. are my most faithful follower and I love your comments! I will definitely check that book out...I have a lot of speed to get up on. I also saw something on pinterest about getting the best shots with different light know I love me some cliff notes!

  3. you are looking slim and trim in that picture!!!