Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday wishes

As my Birthday gets closer, my family always requests a Birthday List.  This year I thought I would share some with with you!

The Hermes tray has easily been on my list for 10 years.  I first saw one in NYC at a cute shop on 73rd btw lex and 3rd-- I should have bought it then.  They are hard to come by, but there is currently one in the Hamptons and occasionally one can be found on 1st dibs.  Just gorgeous in my book and perfect for a coffee table. And should I mention, these are a nice nod to my fashion background?

Patagonia + Purple = Love.  Since 2nd grade I have loved purple-- so, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.    For $129, I would wear this all year long!

Fornash has such cute items, but this boa scarf that made the O list is fabulous.  The colors are great, but I love the aqua and the coral best.  So lovely for summer paired with just a simple tee shirt or sundress!  This is a great buy for $38.00

Boulevard's Sunday Tote is my "my now" bag.  I love it.  I love that the monogram is in gold.  I love that it is huge.  I love that it's leather and canvas.  It's just perfect.  While this bag comes in a dozen's all about orange for me. It's just $143 on Ladybird.

The Nikon D7000, is another item on my list this year.  With my Photoshop lessons under way, and the kids getting bigger, I would love to upgrade the actual shots that I take.  I have been afraid to commit to such a camera because of the size, but I consistently feel like I miss those evening shots with my iPhone.

Kiel James Patrick's Cape knot stitch is a great jewelry addition for the summer.  While it is fashioned after the traditional sailor bracelet that we all wore in our teens, this one can be taken off with ease!  Although it comes in a load of great colors, the neutral will pair with everything ($38.00).  To the right is the Obedaggett Docks in Peri ($40.00) cute with that Patagonia, right?

Ahhhh the Goyard St. Louis tote.  I may have to wait a bit for this, but boy is it a beauty.  They come in several colors,but blue is definitely for me.  I will absolutely have to pimp it out with a monogram and a stripe...most likely in orange.  One can dream right?  Until then, Iomoi does a great knockoff of the strip and monogram combo for a tenth of the price...seriously.  The hardest decision would be which combination...they are all so beautiful.

And last...the grand finale...the cigar band.  Found at one of my favorite new and estate jewelry shops in Atlanta, Laura Pearce.  Hello Lover!


  1. all I can say is: Add to cart.
    What nice choices!
    I hope the birthday powers that be take heed.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. RAD, I'd say scroll down for the grand finale.
    Or work your way up.
    Add ALL to cart.
    Too much?

  4. Well, at least now I have a witness -- there can be no returning if I get one of these!

  5. No birthday wish list remorse codicil?
    RAD, You are a tough cookie.