Friday, February 17, 2012

Tonsil Free!

On Friday morning, The entire family headed up to Yale/ New Haven to have the kid's tonsils removed.  After being diagnosed with different degrees of sleep apnea last year, this was the suggested course of action for all three kids.

The kids were scheduled from youngest to oldest.  The child life specialist showed each child what to expect during the surgery and later, she brought special toys for the kids to play with until they were called.  Each surgery was scheduled for an hour, but only took about 20 minutes.  They outfitted me in scrubs and I escorted each child into the surgery room.  It wasn't until I walked from the waiting room to the surgery room, that I tuned into my emotions and realized just how tense I was.  I stayed with each child while they put them under, and then left for the actual surgery.  As each surgery was finished, Dr. Baum gave us a synopsis of what he found.

Baby J had moderately large tonsils and a large adenoid.  He had a little irritation in his lower respiratory area which is probably due to upper respiratory issues (drippy tonsils/adenoids).  As for his asthma, Dr. Baum felt as though this may clear up on its own now that adenoids and tonsils were removed.

Chomper almost lost his top two teeth during the surgery...they are extremely wiggly!  Dr. Baum said his tonsils and adenoids were big and yucky.  So, we are happy to have those gone  He too had a broncoscopy and had a small amount of irritation in his lower respiratory area. 

The Peachette also had drippy, yucky tonsils and adenoids. Surprisingly, she had the largest tonsils of any of the three.  He said that it appeared as though she had gone through a stage where she had chronic cold symptoms.  It is so interesting what they can find.

Around 4:30, we were discharged.  The kids each picked a toy from the toy cart...the boys getting lego ninjago toys and KF picking a cranium sudoku (an easy pick when she found out it was popularized in Japan). 

Now, comes the recovery-- 7 days +/-.  This will be the toughest part...especially since we have three kids needing help at the same time.  Big Faye is here to help nurse...and she has proven to be great at cuddling the littles. My fingers are crossed that all goes well and we are set to go back to school on thw 27th!

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