Monday, February 27, 2012

Made it Myself Monday-- Window Seat

I finally finished my February project!  It didn't help that I waited until the last week of the month and the week my children had their tonsil removed.  Anyhow, my mom was a big help with the kids while I struggled (and I do mean struggled) through this job.

I have this crazy little window seat in the house we rent.  It desperately needed a little cushion.  Since this house is temporary, I didn't want to spend a few hundred to have something made and I also knew that I could probably knock something out myself.  My biggest problem, as always, was committing to fabric.

So, this past week, I finally settled on a simple piece of flax colored Irish linen, trimmed in brown piping with some trim detail on the top.  I thought about putting a monogram on the top, but alas, decided to save myself the time energy.  Afterall, I will leave not take this cushion when we move.

Here is the final product...note, I haven't touched it up with an iron yet:

Here is what I learned:
  1. Because the shape isn't symmetrical, I can't flip the pillow.  So, I could have saved myself on fabric and done the bottom in a cotton duck or something else.
  2. Once I inserted the pillow, I had to finish the rest of the pillow with a basic seam stitch.  Because I didn't plan properly, this seam was on the top front...oops
  3. Linen has a lot of "give" and makes pattern cutting a challenge.


  1. I have the most creative wife in the world!

  2. Looks great! You are knocking out tasks left, right and center.

    How are the kiddos? Back to school, I hope.