Sunday, February 5, 2012

I found Palmetto Cheese, Y'all!

I was at the grocery picking up the makings for today's Superbowl Reuben dip.  I was in search of melba toast in the specialty cheese section of Stop and Shop (at the Goodwives Shopping Center) when I got a trip down memory lane.  I came across Palmetto Cheese.  Palmetto Cheese is pimento cheese made in the low country of South Carolina and it is delicious.  I had actually debated making this southern caviar for today, but opted for the reuben dip since it seemed so appropriate.

Since moving to Connecticut, I have been able to get my hands on decent BBQ, grits, fried chicken, and pork rinds.  But up to this point, pimento cheese has been off the radar.

Pimento cheese (pronounce pah-minnow or pah-minta cheese) is essentially shredded sharp cheddar, chopped pimentos, Dukes mayonnaise, and a little garlic.  There are all sorts of variations including bacon, jalepeno, pecan, and many many more.  Southerners eat it on their sandwiches, they use it as a spread, they put it on their burgers.  It's basically a southern condiment.

If you live in the area and want to try a Southern Novelty, this is a treat or you can order it online  at

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