Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade Valentines

Valentines day at school is always a favorite of mine.  I love for the kids to get crafty and make their own valentines.  This year we scoured the internet for ideas.  We were all set, when I got a wrench thrown into our plans.  Our school decided to not allow treats or food of any sort.  On the fly, we were able to come up with some good alternatives...here they are...

Baby J, the only one not affected by the mandate (because he is still in preschool), made this adorable fish valentine.

Chomps, took all of his friends one of these cute matchbox car valentines.  He was so specific about which friend got which car.

The Peachette picked out a some valentines that could be colored in and gave them with a pack of crayons and a home made bookmark.

As I wait for them to get home...I have my own treats waiting for them.  How cute are these balloon pets?  My kids are going to LOVE them.  Along with these, I got them each a much needed water bottle and one a small pail of candy and tchotchkes.

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