Saturday, February 11, 2012

Church Dinner

Our town, Darien, is an affluent area in what is described as the Gold Coast of Connecticut. So, for this reason, we find it important for our kids to understand that Darien isn't exactly exactly how most people in our country live.  As a family, we try and take opportunities to give back to the community.

Each week our church prepares and serves a dinner on Thursday night.  Parishioners and Community members come together to share a meal.   This past week, our family helped to serve this dinner at our church and frankly, we loved it.  The peachette loved the responsibility and continues to ask if we can do it again.

Chomper and Baby J helped by running requests to the kitchen, but they spent most of their time playing with all the other kids.  When dinner was almost over, an older (80ish) woman named Nidia came to the serving table and asked whose child was wearing a black beret.  I reluctantly said yes as she called me over to the side.  I was expecting the worst.

The lady was very kind.  She proceeded to tell me that Chomper was a very special boy.  She told me he was going to be very important one day and that he would do great things.  She had already pulled him to the side and had a conversation with him.  She told him that everyday he was to say a prayer for his teacher as he walked into his classroom.  And everyday when he left his classroom, he was to say another prayer for his teacher.  According to Nidia, if he did these things, God would watch over him.

As I listened, I actually got a tear in my eye.  She had no idea how this conversation was impacting me.  Chompers, who is quite possible my most emotional and sweet  child, also has my gift of gab.  After a conversation (of two..maybe three) with his teacher, we have had to work on when is the "right" time to talk.  And according to his gym teacher, when the kids sit in the "circle of silence" (which is when they choose someone to sit with that they are not tempted to talk with), chomps has a hard time-- there really isn't anyone he doesn't want to talk with.  I guess this conversation made me realize that everything is going to be alright.


  1. I guess now might be a good time to reming you:
    "Hi. I'm Buck ___________, and I'm running for Congress."

  2. @mrs. white, can you even imagine? I just came across the bucks coffee shop tee you made. It apparently got a lot of wear and remains in the "keep forever" stack that I just organized. It was part of my personal "declutter Wednesday" project!