Friday, January 6, 2012

Texting while driving

So, I gave up texting while driving for lent a few years back.  My husband equated that to giving up drinking and driving.  But seriously, it is a new years resolution in 2012.  At this very moment, my guilt makes me certain that not one of my friends must ever send the occasional text, map out directions to a birthday party at some ridiculous laser tag joint, or take a picture of themselves to make sure their makeup looks good.  I know this because none of my friends have ever mentioned a citation of any sort and most of their jaws drop when I mention that I got one last summer. gets better...I just got nailed for my SECOND offense.  Yes, you read that right.   I received a citation for HOLDING a device and the guilt feels like 100 of those stupid laser tag vest piled on top of me.  for the record, I wasn't texting, mapping, talking and the cop knew this.  It was just a $200 fine for holding my stupid phone in my hand.

What's worse is that I considered keeping this under my hat for a few days-- like I did last time.  What kept me from doing this?  My four year old that can't stop talking about it.  After arriving at preschool he essentially got his 3 foot buddies in a huddle and told them all about the blue lights, the mean cop, and even used correct terminology-- "does your mom ever get distracted from holding an electronic device in her hand?"

So, next time you call and I don't answer, I'm probably somewhere in Fairfield county with Baby J in the car. 

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