Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Snow

My kids told me this morning that this didn't count as a snow day since it was on a Saturday and they weren't getting a day off from school.  Makes sense to me.

Connecticut has finally gotten it's first dump in 2012.  By this time last year we had already gotten 20+ inches.  But lets be honest, last year was a banner year here in the north east.  Connecticut felt the aftershocks of the earthquake in Virgina, endured hurricane Irene, and weathered some major snowstorms.  Our last day of school in 2011, was met with a flash flood that made it's way into our basement and the start of school was delayed until the 40+ roads in Darien could be cleared of the trees uprooted from Irene.  It was crazy!

It was during the aftermath of these events that we sat a little longer with friends drinking wine and bonding.  A certain fragility appeared among people.  Those with power offered up their washer/dryers, the library opened it doors for phone charging and satellite offices, and friends offered their country clubs and pool clubs for showering.  Everyone was on equal footing and did what they could for others.

I'll always be a southener at heart-- I guess that is why snow is so magical to me.  It amplifies the silence.  It stops people in their tracks and makes them stay a little closer to home and to family. 
It's peaceful. 

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  1. Snow. The great equalizer. I like it.