Monday, January 9, 2012

Made it Myself Monday-- The Belt


Each month this year, I plan to work on and complete a "made it myself" project.  Some are small and others are rather large, but I love the idea of making something with my own hands.  I know I am a lot like my father in that respect, we both crave to see how something is assembled (and unassembled).  Although his loves involved furniture, cars, and most airplanes...mine are slightly dumbed down in the way of garments, food, and crafts 

Since The hubs and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary this May, I have a special "made it myself" project that I have already started.  It's a gorgeous needlepoint belt.  I love needlepoint because it is exact and perfect-- you really can't screw it up.  I also thinks it is therapeutic and is great for multitasking while I watch "Good Wife".  The only downside is that I am terribly impatient and I just want it to be done already.

With the belt in the beginning stages, I toted it down to Atlanta.  I have a great Martha Steward thread holder that I love and it keeps it everything together in one place.  I showed the belt to many friends and family members who all complimented the belt, but I could tell that many didn't "get" the needlepoint-for-a-man thing.  Meanwhile, here in True Prep New England, Needlepoint belts are to men what gin is to tonic.

So, I am giving you a little snippet of my handiwork.  I glommed the pattern from a friend in town and I think it is just perfect.  I am adding a monogram in the middle back and I am almost there.  As long as the Good Wife keeps airing new episodes, I should continue on a steady course to get this project done by May.

Now, If you have have no interest in needle pointing, you can buy a beautiful belt off the rack.  Smathers and Branson has some of the most beautiful.  Ric has a couple, including the one below.  They run about $165.  In addition to belts, they also have key fobs, flasks, and headbands.  You should definitely check it out at www.smathersand