Monday, January 30, 2012

Made it Myself Monday-- Wreath

It is true, I am completely addicted to pinterest.  I have been using it for about a year now and I love it.  I spend more time on it than facebook and I find myself using it instead of google.  My "tear-pages" have slowly started to dwindle...hooray!

While I am a good amount creative.  I can actually just be described as a self starter that is good at glomming.  So, for today, I worked on the above wreath that I found on pinterest.  I thought it was a perfect option for the month of January-- it looks snowy, wintery, and cozy-- all at once. Trust me when I say, the door to our "cottage" needs a LOT of love to keep it looking cute--unlike our doors at 4411 that were beautiful all on their own.  For this reason, you're likely to see lots of wreath and planter posts this year..stay tuned!
4411 doors

19 door

While I am at, I'll show you the wreath I have on the inside of the door.  I originally made it to put on the outside, but because our rental has a screen door that we can't remove, there isn't enough room in between the two to fit this fat wreath.  So, instead, I decided to put it on the inside and it looks great.
 And to answer your questions...yes, we drank all that wine and still have enough corks for probably 2-3 more wreaths.  So, stay tuned for more cork projects!

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