Saturday, January 14, 2012

Artisanal Bread

I can officially cross the first of my "12 for 12" projects off my list.  Last week, I gathered all the equipment and ingredients to make my first boule (or ball in French).  As Tokyo Alex can attest, I do NOT have a way with dough or bread.  I think my failed pita attempts are somewhere around 5 or 6.  That's just embarrassing.

What has changed?  I bought this book that several friends recommended called Artisanal Bread in Five Minutes A Day.  This was to be the last attempt before I finally gave up on the whole baking thing.  And I have suceeded!  I popped my bread into the oven this morning and the most gorgeous boule came out.  Seriously, it took my breath away.

I think this is a great book for anyone, but it is particularly good for those with little time.  The method which was honed by a pastry chef and baker is simple, makes little mess (nary a bowl to wash or a lick of dough on my hands), and most importantly, is delicious. And seriously, what is more impressive at a dinner party than to present your guest with amazing fresh made bread.


  1. what sort of bread is on the agenda this week?
    what size plastic dough thing does this require? 6 quart?

  2. Pita Bread is the weekly choice and I might make BC's hummus to go with! That would knock another of the "12 for 12"s off the list. I did buy the 6qt, along with a pizza peel, pizza stone, and oven thermometer. My ancient oven is about 25 degrees cool--SURPRISE!!!

  3. my oven belongs in the smithsonian. its such an odd size i just hope it hangs in till the (long-postponed) renovation. if my oven thermometer is correct (?) the thing is off by 30.
    Before 2012 is up you are probably going to be 12 for 12 x12!

  4. Nice work on the boule, girl, and I am quite sure your pita is now well abotu a 5 or 6!! Sent your link to Tokyo Alex, who is enroute from Beijing to HK tonight. He did whip up some mighty fine pita over the break (the humidity seems to help) though discovered that, unlike pizza dough (which is happy to get a light freeze before topping (+ makes it easier for the kid-os to handle when making their own)), pita dough does not like the temperature drop. Was a sorry batch.