Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Happy!

Happy New Year! We are headed back to Darien from Atlanta. After a whirlwind trip----packed with my sister-in-law's wedding reception, a Christmas pageant at the cathedral, countless playdates, and a hike to the top of Stone Mountain-- we are excited to get back home to our own beds.

I always love the days following Christmas because all the heavy lifting is done and I can think about my new years resolutions. Being an optimistic over-achiever I always come up with more goals than I could ever accomplish in a year. We'll see where I get with this year's goals.

My personal goals
  1. Start a blog
  2. Learn to use photoshop
  3. Read through the entire Bible
  4. Teach kids psalm 1 and The Lords Prayer
  5. Lose my Darien 10
  6. Get to the gym/ workout 3 times a week
  7. Research and buy a car (with a third row!)
  8. Read the magazines I subscribe too!
  9. Read at least one book a month
  10. Host one dinner a month for friends
  11. No Phone usage in car
  12. 12 for 12 --- one new DIY project for each month
    • January-- Artisanal bread
    • February-- Sew new window seat cover
    • March-- Sew roman shades for living room
    • April-- Learn to make hummus and Pita
    • May--Stand up Paddle Boarding
    • June-- Paint bookcase for boys room
    • July-- Skirts for KF
    • August--Jams, jellies, and preserving
    • September--Grosgrain trimmed frames
    • October--Needlepoint Belt
    • November--tbd
    • December--tbd


    1. I'm totally glomming your July goal. I haven't "put up" anything as an adult despite having about 10 books on the topic. Maybe those bread and butters will get a hot bath this year.

    2. Dear Mrs. White-- that is exactly what I was thinking. I found the frozen basil butter that I made at the end of summer today and I am breaking that out tomorrow with another fresh boule!