Monday, January 30, 2012

Camp Greenkill

KF and her Daddy took their first Indian Princess...I mean Y princess...camping trip this past weekend.  I think I was as excited as they were.  I got to do all the prep, but I didn't have to go.  I'm  all for glamping, but to be honest, camping is completely lost on me.

In advance of the weekend, each parent was given designated "snacks" to bring.  So, immediately I tossed that out the window and began to brainstorm on something for everyone.  For the kids I found these great campfire cones.  You put all the "toppings" into a cupcake pan and each kid makes their own "cone" to put on the campfire.  It is supposed to be safer and less messy than traditional s'mores.


 For the men, I had a little more fun.  For starter, I packed the basics...cheese, olives, 2 different salamis, Rosemary cashews (Barefoot contessa), hummus, veggies, and pita.  Then I decided to make some beef jerky.  I opted for a Mexican lime jerky with a little jalepeno kick.  This was my first shot at jerky, and while it needs some tweaking, it was pretty good for a first attempt.  
marinated meat
Finished product!

Last, I made the moonshine recipe that I posted last week.  My husband knows my "more is more" philosophy, but be wasn't "signed on" to the moonshine idea.  I saw him tuck a nice bottle of red and a mccallum 18 into his bag and I knew how this was going to play out.  Much to my surprise,  I got a text around 10pm and the nipping had begun.  The guys were loving it.  At 190 proof...who wouldn't.   My husband was sooo proud.  

The two arrived home Sunday afternoon pooped.  As I imagined, the jug was empty.  Apparently, they were in such a fog that my husband didn't even take out the beef jerky, the veggies to go with the hummus, or the campfire cones.  See, this is why men need a woman around!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend...

Mighty Bluefish and chomps before leaving 
Sparkling Starfish
Making the Tribe Banner

The bird man

Their cabin...yes that is one of the two flatscreens!

Another pic of the cabin

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