Friday, January 13, 2012

Baking Day

I hate waste and I LOVE a good challenge.  So, ever so often, I like to go through my pantry and attempt to use those things that have appeared mysteriously.  At some point, I am sure I had either good  intentions or I found a crazy good sales on the 3 bags of egg noodles, the bottle of fenugreek, the packages of prunes that stare at me from my pantry; but as it stands today, I am not sure what I was supposed to do with any of these.  So, I have zeroed in on a few things today that I want to get out of the pantry:
  1. Canned pumpkin
  2. Molasses
  3. Prunes
  4. Over ripe Bananas
None of us will touch a banana that has a brown spot.  We're all more likely to eat a slightly green banana.  That is, all except for KF... she stopped eating bananas at about age 6.  What a bummer considering bananas are tops for moms--they are both convienient (coming with their own packagaing and all) and they're super healthy.  Frankly, I thought it was control thing, but fast forward two years and she still won't eat one unless it is in a smoothie or yogurt.  Today I am using my Bananas in a banana nut mom's recipe.  I've made two loaves and I'll freeze one for later when I don't have my act together.

The molasses just went into a loaf of gingerbread.  I ate plenty of gingerbread cookies growing up, but I never remember my mom making actual gingerbread (although I am sure she would tell you she made gingerbread ALL the time).  So, when my friend Canada Heather, made it one day while I was at her house, I HAD to have the recipe.  My kids love it.  This may not be the epitome of the food pyramid and stuff, but I often send it to school this time of year with a dannon vanilla yogurt and a sliced navel orange.  It is a favorite lunch combination and it is so much faster than putting a sandwich together.

I have a LOAD of canned pumpkin.  I know what I bought this for, but apparently I didn't have the time to make it last Novemeber.  I'll use this to make pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips, and I am going to try a pumpkin carrot cake muffin.  These are great things to grab for breakfast or to pack for lunch.

Last, the prunes, my husband will be thrilled about this one.  One of my besties, Atlanta Anna, made a ridiculous Chicken Marbella one night when we were at her house.  So, I am glomming the recipe for tonight.  I've got it marinating and it looks fantastic.  Three kids, poor time management, and general disorganization often leave the hubs without a proper dinner...unless you consider chicken nuggets, eggs, or pasta with butter proper.  So, he'll be salivating as he reads this post on his train ride home.

My recipes are simple.  I no longer have the time to do anything too involved.  And for whatever reason, my kids just don't appreciate the layered salads, homemade crepe gateaux, and time intensive risottos of my past...not sure why.  So, believe me, if I spend the time making is usually a tried and true recipe.


  1. Barefoot Contessa's pumpkin banana mousse tart.

  2. Dear Mrs. White...that would have killed two birds with one stone! You always know the right thing to do!

  3. I wouldn't go that far, but the tart is pretty delish.
    do you use the silver palate recipe for the chicken? it has olives, yes? that sounds like a hit.
    suppose Atlanta Anna would mind a glom of your glom of her glom?